XBT/PHP based torrent tracker for forum

The extension adds torrent tracker functionality to the forum
Key features and capabilities:
RSS feed for torrents and comments
Alternative announcement via PHP
Announcement of torrent files via XBT tracker
Upload images as posters or screenshots, add links to external images as poster or screenshot
Uploading torrent files to the forum
Top download torrents feed and top tracker
Logs of announcement, scraping and downloading torrent files
Configuring XBT tracker via the admin section
Defining forums as forum trackers
Priority search only in tracker forums, torrents or comments
Multitracker system, common for the entire tracker and separate for each user, displaying peer data from external trackers
A system of restrictions on torrent downloads for users with low ratios, low uploads, etc.
Torrent status system
Downloading torrents via torrent file, magnet link or hash
Removing or fixing lost torrent files
Accounting and displaying statistics on tracker, torrents and users
Future download function