Displays new topics, messages, announcements, polls, popular, etc. topics on the forum pages

The extension adds the ability to display forum topics on the forum list, topic list and message list page.
Ability to display up to 11 blocks with forum topics:
1. Display of new forum topics
2. Display of forum announcements
3. Display of popular forum topics (topics with the most views)
4. Display of the discussed topics of the forum (topics with the largest number of replies)
5. Display of forum topics with polls (topics containing polls are selected - displayed as a poll header)
6. Display of random forum topics (topics are selected at random)
7. Display of "personal" forum topics (a block with the ability to specify your own title, multiple settings for the selection of displayed topics)
8. Display of sticky forum topics
9. Display of important topics of the forum
10. Display of new forum posts
11. Display of unread forum messages
For all blocks it is possible to specify the number of topics to display, the length of the topic name, the ability to exclude certain forums or, on the contrary, include only certain forums, highlight topics in bold font for a certain time, the ability to cache sql queries, display the date and/or topic time + option to limit the height and width of the forum topics block.
There are also possibilities: display a block not only above the list of forums/topics/messages (horizontally), but also to the right side of them (vertically), when displaying a block on a page of a list of topics or messages, you can display topics only from the current forum, the ability to individually disable the display of some blocks of topics on separate pages.
Editions features
Added the ability to create an unlimited number of blocks with topics (including repeating ones), the ability to quickly change the display order of blocks by dragging and drop, the ability to display topic blocks in full (as in the list of forum topics )