Bulk change of forum settings

The extension adds the ability to bulk change forum settings.
Settings available for change:
Forum settings
Forum icon
Forum password
Delete forum password
Forum style
General forum settings
Show subforums in the list
Show forum in the list of subforums
Enable message viewing
Enable quick reply
Enable search indexing
Include theme icons
Show active topics
Topics per page
Enable active topics
Forum link
Track conversions
Forum cleanup options
Enable autovacuum
Automatic cleaning frequency
Autoclean by last post date
Auto clear by viewing time
Clear old polls
Clear ads
Clear sticky topics
Enable auto-cleanup of links to migrated topics
Frequency of autocleaning links to migrated topics
Age of links to migrated topics for autovacuum
Forum rules
Link to forum rules
Forum rules

You can change the settings for all forums, or only for the specified ones, you can use the settings of a particular forum as a template, the default settings or the last used settings, you can also exclude any of the available options from application, all settings will be applied only for the same type forum, i.e. category settings will not apply to regular forums, etc.